Thursday, 26 September 2013

La Nuit de la Lecture

Free Book Readings All Day and All Night

Why do I still hear people saying, "Nothing happens in Lausanne"? Last month you could have seen John Malkovich on stage in St Prex. A couple of weeks ago there was the Morges Book Festival. And this Saturday Lausanne hosts La Nuit de la Lecture.

This is a free festival taking place across several locations in the city. It's starting early, at 2pm, with book readings for kids. As evening approaches the theme switches to poems and stories for adults. Come the midnight hours and the readings turn decidedly chaud.

You can check out the entire programme at the website You're bound to find something that will interest you amongst the Slam Poetry, Japanese Kamishibai and the music/text crossovers.

Books Books Books is contributing two events. At 14.30 there is the "Jabberwocky Booky Wooky Party" a celebration of poetry and story-telling directed at kids.

At 18.00 there is Lausanne Writers, Laura Spinney and Jon Steele will be discussing how the city inspired their work. They will both be reading passages from their works, Rue Centrale and the The Watchers.

Both events are in French and English. We hope to see you there!

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